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The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen (1938)

The Death of the Heart PDF


The Death of the Heart is written by famous author Elisabeth Bowen and is published in 1938.In this novel, Elisabeth writes about the 16 years old orphan. His name was Portia Quayne.He shifted to London to spend his life. Here, he falls in love with the Eddie. This novel has 418 pages and published by anchor press in May 2000.The novel is set between two wars.The story of a sixteen-year-old orphan girl her parents die and she living with her half brother.Thomas is her half brother and he falls in love with Eddie is the friend of sister-in-law.Portia Quayne is the main character of the novel.Thomas is a successful business man. Anna is a stylish and beautiful woman.

Novel is located in 100 best modern novels in Time and the Modern Library

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