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The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler

The Accidental Tourist PDF, Anne Tyler


The author of this novel is ”Anne Tyler” and he was a literary critic, short story writer and a novelist. The novel is about “Macon Heary ” who is a journey and trip writer but dislike both, journey and anything out of stock and typical. He is surrounded by isolation, rejection, and a disinclination to make a deal with his soul comforts when he meet ” Muriel ”. It is genial, informed, comic, heart breaking and life ever assert. In novel, Muriel is ungraded and deprived but agile and connected to others. Macons strangely, uncommonly odd and queer to his siblings,boss and wife. The novel story based on the complexities of families and relationships. Novel is published in 12 August 1985.

Novel is set in Baltimore, Maryland.This story is about a writer Macon Leary who is killed in shooting when he is eating in fast food restaurant.He and her wife separated from each other.Then she come back to his house with his dog his siblings are waiting him.Her sister name is Rose and brothers Porter and Charles.

ISBN: 0-394-54689-X, Pages 355

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